Why Should I Buy Real Estate in Turkey?

Why Should I Buy Real Estate in Turkey?

If you want to learn why foreigners buy real estate in Antalya, just read our article. The Mediterranean region offers high potential for buyers of many different nationalities.

In the last decade, Real estate market has grown tremendously in Turkey and foreign buyers have played an important role in this growth. So, why is buying property in Turkey attractive to foreigners and what are the lucrative opportunities?

Affordable Prices

Real estate prices in Europe is Three times more expensive than Alanya. However, there is no big difference in terms of investment value.

Real estate prices in Alanya start from 100,000 Euros. It is profitable and very suitable for long or short term investment.

Now you get the return of the money you spend on investment in Antalya without spending much time and energy. It is a right time to invest in real estate in alanya due to the price advantage and the pace of development of the city.

There are also advantageous opportunities for those who want to buy houses with guaranteed rental income.

Easy Payment Terms

Turkey is an attractive country for investors. Whatever your budget is, you can find the property that suits you. Advantageous payment terms help you buy a property at affordable prices.

If you want to buy a house in project during the construction phase, you can take advantage of the payment options in installments. This is also a huge advantage for buyers because you can pay monthly without straining your budget.

Browse real estates in our projects for sale with installment payment plans.

Easy Purchase Process

The process of buying real estate in Alanya is easy, the whole process can be completed in a very short time if you work with a professional company.

Portfolio diversity

The development of the real estate sector in recent years has rapidly diversified its commercial, land and residential portfolio. Whether you're looking for a second-hand villa or an office or shop to start a business, your options are endless.

It is now very easy to find what you are looking for, from houses with sea view to apartments near or far from the city center. Take a look at our properties for sale in many points of Turkey, specially in Alanya , Cyprus and Mersin.

Affordable Cost of Living in Antalya

Living in Antalya is low-cost and allows you to live in high living standards at affordable prices. Moreover, its warm climate, international demographic, Mediterranean sea and beautiful nature make the region attractive.

Residence Permit and Turkish Citizenship and After Sale Process

Foreigners who purchase real estate worth 400,000 USD can become Turkish citizens directly. Approval takes only few months.

Seaside Alanya real estate is a company with deep knowledge and experience in citizenship. We have delivered thousands of title deeds from many countries to our customers without any errors. Our expert team will assist you in purchasing the house you want, in your residence permit applications and in your citizenship procedures.

After your purchase is complete, our team will guide you through processes such as water, electricity subscription transactions and insurance.

If you want to talk to our real estate agent about buying a property in Alanya, just contact us.

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