Turkish Citizenship by Investment Minimum Increased to 400.000$

Turkish Citizenship by Investment Minimum Increased to 400.000$

The Turkish Government announced in early 2017 a new way to acquire Turkish citizenship for foreigners: Property investment.

As an investment tool that attracted wide international interest from communities across the globe, this new method to acquire Turkish Citizenship as well as a place of residence has been a popular choice for numerous investors.

At that time, the minimum purchase price for Turkish citizenship was 1 million USD. Even with a steep price like that, the prıogram showed strong signs of interest as thousands of foreign investors started acquiring real estate from cities like Istanbul and Alanya to enjoy a beautiful house and become Turkish citizens. In order to further increase possible demand for such investment, the Turkish government decreased the value of the initial real estate purchase: The Turkish Citizenship property purchasing limit has been reduced to 250.000$ as of 2018 according to a new regulation related to USD amounts of investments. This method of investment has proven to be a significantly successful one as thousands of individuals from many parts of the world such as various countries of the Middle East, Russia and Europe.

Today, this rate of 250.000$ has increased to 400.000$ due to several reasons such as: high demand for property in Turkey and rise in property prices, social demands and political maneuvers. Additionally, a statement declaring that a property purchased for Turkish citizenship cannot be sold or transferred to another person for three years must also be submitted to protect the interests of the local communities in metropolitan areas of Turkey. However, the road to Turkish residency still remains very much open for investors who can afford a 400.000$ real estate purchase as the minimum purchasing limit was raised from 250.000$ to 400.000$ or equivalent foreign exchange at a Cabinet meeting on April 12th, 2022.

The decision is now formally published in the Official Gazette of Turkey and is now in full effect as of June 13, 2022. This means that anyone who wants to purchase real estate or obtain Turkish citizenship now must comply with the new rules. Anyone who legally and fully purchased their real estate before this date are not subject to this new legislation.

However, even though there was a price adjustment, it is clear that the demand for such an investment did not vanish at all - and Seaside Alanya Real Estate is here to accommodate your legal and procedural needs when it comes to navigating these waters.

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